Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hispanic Inspired Gifts - and lots of Good!

Its been a few weeks of a lot going on at home and coincidentally not much in my packaging world. I am glad that the holidays are around the corner and some cheer its going to be easy to find almost anywhere.

My family does the secret santa raffle on Thanksgiving dinner, that day you know who you have to give so I thought why not make a post of Hispanic inspired gifts!

If you would like to give and do good I have noticed that there are a lot of institutions and sites that employ crafts people from Latin America to help them out. Why not give something different to your loved ones this year?..If you are not that much into crafty stuff you can still give an American Hispanic flaired gift like the Feed bags that are stylish and very well designed. Happy shopping!

1. Crate & Barrel Lime - Dual Citrus Squeezer $16.95
2. Andean Hat Nativity Ornament - Peru $10
3. "Feed Guatemala Bags" aprox $39
4. Cafe Press "I love Heart Boyfriend T-Shirt" $23.99
5. Buena Noches Luna Book $6.99
6. Mexican Glassware $26.55
7. Crate & Barrel Lima Alpaca Throw $169
8. OPI Yucat√°n If U Want Nail Color $6
9. Chulucanas Lamp Peru $64

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