Monday, January 10, 2011

Comforting Homemade Meals

There is nothing more comforting than to have a home made meal. My husband eats out a lot, and even though he is lucky to give his taste buds a nice diversity of "sazones" worlwide he always misses a taste from home.
There is a Peruvian appetizer called "Causa" a mashed potato with chili based dish that is served cold and that can also be dressed up with shredded crab or just a simple mixed veggie with mayo salad in between. Well for today's lunch I decided to make something with a twist and I made this "Causa Balls" that were just a hit. You can use a similar recipe like this if you want to try. (note i did not use pepper or mayo etc, just plain potato, oil, salt, key lime and chili)
Here are a few pics of my "Pollo al horno Casero with Citrus" and Causa.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Don't judge the package by its cover

They say good things come in great packages, I and do so agree.  When I buy a store brand product I appreciate that the company has put thought into the package design, like good photography, more than good enough design and good printing at least.
Last week when I was trying to find a specific brand of Italian Panettone and realized it was gone from my grocery store I just went and decided to try the only brand available. The box was very simple but yet conveyed and communicated all I was looking for. To my surprise this one came out delicious, moist, flavorful and with the perfect texture. Never again judge all packages by its cover. 


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