Wednesday, February 22, 2006

US Companies targeting Hispanics in "Premio Lo Nuestro 2006"

An article about how much more important Hispanics are becoming in businesses today has been posted in the NYTIMES. The article mentions "Wendy's" as one of the companies advertising for Hispanics this year in the very popular "Premio Lo Nuestro" a la música. This show is one of the most watched among Latinos. The theme for the campaign "no a la comida mediocre" (No, to mediocre food) even has its own website.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Müesli and Dog Package Design

Bored and waiting in line at IKEA I found myself staring at some product I thought was dog food. To my surprise it was Müesli, a kind of Granola from Sweden. In the packaging design field, there are some styles and cues to specific products. i.e.: laundry detergent, it usually has a burst graphic in the background to communicate active, action, effectiveness. In this case the big serif font, the spoon with grains in it, the color of the food itself, shape of Finax logo, the bag design among others were to me, many cues together that spoke dog food package design style. I think this is a valid observation.

To see an example of what canines eat, click here.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Chupetín del Chapulín Colorado

My favorite Lolly Pop - Mi Chupete Chupetín Favorito
In Peru one of the traditional, authentic flavors for desserts and sweets comes from a Purple Corn called "Maíz Morado". (every body loves this) Not surprisingly "Ambrosoli"a candy maker and many others expanded their lolly pop flavors and products to "Chicha Morada" the flavor from the Purple Corn. The taste, sweet is similar to artificial grape flavor in any American candy. My favorite one is called "Chupete Chupetín, del Chapulín Colorado"
Here is a picture of the lolly pop. Sooooo good that is being imported over seas for those of us that live far from our original home.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Campaña del Bigote - Got Milk?

I think I missed it when the first Spanish ad for the "Campaña del Bigote" for Got Milk got published in magazines, but well it's here now and continuing with more Latino celebrities like Ana Maria Canseco, Raúl Gonzalez and Fernando Arau (from the tv morning show "Despierta América". "Got Milk" has a website in Spanish, where they promote with tips how to loose weight adding milk to your meals. Interesante verdad? Specially nowadays that a lot of Hispanics are suffering from weight problems.
Here is a screenshot from their site. Enjoy.


¡Bienvenidos! to my personal blog about one of my many interests; The Latino Culture.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Design Feel Comfortable

I have a cold, a severe cold and looking for a cold medicine in a pharmacy in the US can be an overwhelming experience with so much to choose from. Feeling sick and with no intention of spending too much time looking for a cold syrup, I used what my instinct and looked for the most familiar Brand of cold medicine. In a sea of Niquyls, Choraseptics and Robitussins I grabed Vicks Formula 44D. I wonder why too? I guess it was because of its not to "puffy" marketed product and it felt familiar, trusted. Here is a pic of my almost gone syrup. Hope you don't get a cold.


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