Thursday, November 09, 2006

Paulina Rubio's new website

Paulina Rubios's new website its just amazing! you have to visit it. The illustrations and themes she has chosen are very neat. It all looks like a fairy tale book, buy with adventourous things. I think it has been worth it to wait until she launched it this year.

Paiting is expensive, Contractors More!

I have been lost of the blog for a long time. Busy Busy working and dealing with everyday life like everyone else I think.
This days I have been thinking that I want to focus more this blog on other interesting things too....
For example I want to share my experience dealing with contractors. My home apartment has plaster walls. Old ones and they crack, they start fallin apart with humidity and heat. Take into account the amount of years and layers of paints my walls have. Well, in search for perfection and to do things right, I hired a contractor who is making the walls look nice and even and will also do some painting.....I dont know about yoy the rest of mortals out there buttttt, this is so expensive to do!!! of course if you hire somone to do paint and fix for you. Anyway most contractors will exagerate what the place needs to have done....this experience is very similar like when you take your car to get it services...."ypu know mam' but its time to change the timing belt, change the filters etc etc" many extra things you really need to get done. In conclusion look for as many estimates you can so you can compare them and then make a desition.

My place is looking nice, but I will have to clean a lot. Good luck in your home renovation!


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